How I Make 20$ per day

20 dollars sure doesn’t seem a lot but think about it, 600$ Per month isn’t so bad considering you opened the link to read this post xD

but let me warn you the process is very easy and you might actually earn more if you got the right contacts xD

Back when I first started here, I was a complete noob and was just interested in hacking and then i stumbled upon this site and found my first ” Express Vpn” account which actually worked.

So after that, I got curious and started researching how to get these accs and stuff and that’s when i started to learn about crackers,configs,combos and so on.

At first i  had  no luck and started using all these infected crackers and even though i got some hits, the accounts always seem to get their password changed or banned etc

and then i Heard about SNIPR, its the best tool by @PRAGMA .


and i wanted that so badly but all good things comes with a price and this checker was and i did not have BTC, But PRAGMA was kind enough to provide me with an alternate payment method which is “AMAZON GIFT CARD” .  So there it was activated and i had my first Virus free taste of Cracking tools   (FYI Snipr is currently free now so you might want to check that awesome software out  here is the link :…anuary-4pm-gmt/

ANYWAY there are also some alternatives to snipr like sentry,BLACK BULLET, ACC REAPER, .. but while sentry is free and a great tool, i would not recommend this to a beginner becauseSNIPR is a tool which automatically updates its configs so you don’t need to, while the others need you to constantly search the web for updated configs to replace the dead ones.

So with that let’s get started you with the basics:


  • – CHECKER ( Sentry if you know what you are doing, snipr if you want quick results)
  • -.PRIVATE COMBOSOR GENEREATE YOUR OWN USING SQLI( there are dorks and stuff and you need to be pretty talented to pull that off xD)
  • -YOU can get private combos from some providers that are right here on nulled like infinity black , creative hold etc
  • – Get some PROXIES from some good proxy provides like fine proxy etc or get them from the generous members of nulled- https://www.nulled.t…shells-proxies/
  • -Assign Specific Combos and Proxies to your cracker and START

Got Enough Hits?

Now let’s get to the Earning part:

  • 1.  MAKE A SHOPPY PAGE, avoid selly cause its banning members for reasons unknown
  • 2.List Your products in it
  • 3. Always make sure you deliver the product in working condition to avoid Negative Feedbacks
  • 4. Advertise it (it’s very important – do this(if it works and your prices are lower than other suppliers) .. success is guaranteed
  • 5. Always check your competitor’s products and try to get them, so you have all the latest one’s around.

Done all that Successfully? you can see the results for yourself xD and Remember SUCCESS DOES NOT COME IN A DAY, IT TAKES HARDWORK.. LOTS AND LOTS OF IT.

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  1. Thanks for this, i never thought of doing this

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